Music pricing is based on show length, competitive level, whether published scores are available versus “lifting” from a recording, adaptability of concept music to the marching medium, and school budget.

Drill pricing is based on number of sets and personnel, competitive level, and school budget. Please call or email to discuss pricing.

Payment Policy

You will be sent an invoice after the project is completed. Payment is expected within 30 days, but other arrangements can be made. New clients may be asked for a 25% retainer fee.

What do I do about copyright?

Start on it now! Your marching circuit should have information. Three excellent resources are Tresóna Licensing Exchange (they will do all the work for you), CopyCat (HS Marching Band, Color Guard, and Percussion Ensemble), and the Music For All website that has a lot of information, and the necessary forms and contacts to try doing it on your own.

How do I receive music arrangements and / or drill?

You will be given your own login information for www.musicanddrill.com. You will receive emails immediately as your completed files are posted to your account.

Files are available for immediate download and remain in your protected account for the duration of the season or until December 31 of the current year. This includes music scores, parts, drill charts, and student coordinates. Sound files and movie files will also be available to download. Pyware® drill files and music notation files can also be available if requested.

Can I get music notation files?

Yes. We can upload Finale 2014® notation files, or .xml files that will translate (not with complete accuracy) to Sibelius® or earlier versions of Finale®.

Would you be able to arrange only one or two movements of  a show?

Yes. See music pricing above, then call or email to discuss partial show price.

Are percussion parts available?

Most wind arrangements will include a sketch of main melodic percussion ideas. Full custom pit and/or battery parts can also be written. MBMD coordinates packages with very talented percussion writers. They have music degrees and plenty of experience writing at all levels, and are also well-rounded percussionists, each able to write the entire percussion book for maximum coordination.

Do you know any choreographers?

MBMD is primarily based on the West side of Michigan, but does have access to experienced writers throughout the country. There is often the ability to videotape choreography (which is recommended even if you bring that person in). It often works out well to coordinate with a neighboring band program to bring someone in and split travel costs.